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Weaving Tools

Various tools specific to seat weaving

Clockwise from the bottom:

For hand strand weaving are a pkg. of 12 caning pegs, a pointed awl, then the long caning needle (optional).

Save yourself time & don't use golf tees for pegs. They won't give you the tension you need to keep strand cane taut.

Next , for setting in pressed, pre woven cane is a pkg. of 5 caning wedges, yellow handled spline removing chisel (1/8" wide curved tip) & 8 oz Franklin Hide Glue.

Two clamps, rush shuttle & heavy duty packing tool are used for fibre rushing.

Except for the shuttle, the other two are also used to seat weave binder cane & reeds into different patterns.

Finally a sharp pair of pointed scissors. I omitted showing a small hammer, Exacto knife & spray bottle of water.

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for good prices & more details on weaving and caning supplies.

Response to caning question: 10/07
Hi Bob!

As a woodworker, you are the expert on wood repairs. So many glues & wood fillers out there, I'm sure you are making good choices.

As for the drilled holes, I have done a few. Look in the Peerless Rattan catalog for the diam. & distance between each hole when choosing the size of strand cane. Then you need to consider the style of the chair & dimensions of the frame.  

How much cane support is needed? Most rockers use Med & Common, the largest two sizes.  Round seats, with many holes usually take Fine-Fine & smaller sizes. That leaves rose back chairs( best example) where the seat is  usually four holes wider on the front rail than the back. They are woven with Fine & Nar. Med strand.

On round seats you find the center point on each of the 4 rails, mark for a drilled hole, then mark as evenly as possible in between, according to the requirements of the strand you want to use. Still trying to match left to right & top to bottom with each hole drilled.

Have you seen the work in progress photos on my new web site?  That may help you visualize what needs to be to have a good looking, well strand supported seat. Of course you keep the same distance from the inner
frame all the way around for your drilled row of holes.

Casual chairs average 68 to 74 holes. They must have 4 corner holes, in line with each drilled side. Round seats can be in the 80's-90's. ALWAYS in pairs of 2. Hope this helps. Do give it a try.

Thanks for checking in. I always enjoy talking about caning & seat weaving.

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