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single diamond chair cane weave



Shown in wide binder cane

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Warp frame front to back, until back rail is filled. Clamp start stop strand ends to their rail & weave into pattern when you can. Find center strand and mark with a twisty tie. Find center point of each side rail and mark with an ink marker.

Now, at the very center( ink mark) point of the seat weave ONE CENTERED ROW as follows:

Weave under: 4 LEFT, 4 RIGHT and (1) CENTER STRAND, a total of 9 under draws. Outward to each side; 3 over, 3 under as in normal herringbone weave. This involves weaving warps from the 9 under to the right, finishing the row, pulling your weaving strand out enough to weaving back through the left half. But you now have your starting point row complete. Having a long flat skewer to pre-pick the under, over is helpful too.

Pull the end of the strand to the underside enough to weave one row in herringbone. Weave a second row on the underside, south,with the long end of this first strand.

The following instructions are for the CENTER DIAMOND only. Remainder of each row will be the normal Herringbone weave.

1st row south: 3 under. 1 over marked center strand, 3 under.

2nd row south: 3 over, 5 under at marked center strand, 3 over.

3rd row south: 3 over, 3 under at center marked strand, 3 over.

4th row south: 3 over, 1 under at center marked strand, 3 over

5th row south: 3 under, 5 over at center marked strand,3 under.

6th row south: 3 under, 3 over center marked strand, 3 under.

Now, weave these 6 rows of pattern on the north side of the ONE


FILLERS, on front rail, left and right( if necessary). Match herringbone pattern as you weave in each piece, BUT, BE AWARE, that there is a center 5, 3, 1 forming vertically as you just wove horizontally. Follow in pattern each draw. Repeat weaving rows 1-6 north and south to finish out your project.

I find this pattern rather easy to weaver once the first 6 rows north and south are in place because each draw is done in herringbone until the center where the change is 5, 3, or 1. AND---when you are really confident, you will have several fillers and new strands all happening at the same time on top before turning the project to the under side.

Helen B. Cribbs
Revised 7/09/07

Single Diamond woven in 1/2" flat reed.

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