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Rounded seat chair cane instructions


step by step chair weaving
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2 Center Hole
Pressed Cane Insert
Rounded Seat
Comments & Photos Weaving a Rounded Seat

Photo 1. This rounded seat has one centered drilled hole. The last vertical just meets at the right rail. The long strand end will be used on Step #2

rounded cane chair step 1

Photo #2 I decided to add one more vertical on the side rails,

Note:Top & bottom horizontals "Meet-Match" at same two verticals.

This is the exact center of this seat & means the holes have been very nicely evenly spaced. The kind of rounded seat you enjoy weaving!!

rounded cane chair step 2

Photo #3 Steps 3 & 4 completed.

rounded cane chair step 3 & 4

Photo #4 Step 5 completed. Long strand ends, brought to the top side & ready to use in Step #6.

rounded cane chair step 5

Photo #5. A close up. This step is referred to as Step 5. I have done them in sequence for the novice.

However. Steps 5 & 6 can be worked at the same time or either can be worked first.
Normally I would have done
Step 6 first to save squeezing under the half "X" on the front rail.

rounded cane chair close up

Photo #6 Step #6 is complete.

rounded cane chair completed

Photo #7 This project is finished. Note that I chose to begin & end the binder at the left back rail seam.

Remember that there are basic rules to strand caning AND then there are times you need to make choices.

It's the final eye appealing, strong, neatly woven chair seat you are striving to achieve.

Happy Weaving!!

rounded cane chair seat

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