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multi-diamond chair cane weave



Weaved in common cane on a 13" x 11" footstool

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Warp front to back until the back rail is filled. Find center strand & mark with a twisty tie. Find center point of each side rail & mark with an ink marker.

Due to variable number of warps in each project, only the 5 CENTER SETS of instruction are given. Outward, both left & right, weave the diagonal herringbone in 3's.

Now, at the very center point of the seat, weave ONE CENTERED ROW as follows:

At 6 left, 6 right & the 1 CENTER MARKED STRAND, weave under these 13 DC warps. Outward to each side; 3 over, 3 under, 3 over, 5 under then continue in normal "3" herringbone through the end of the row.

This means, weave the warps from the 13 under to the right, finishing the row, pulling your weaving strand on out enough to weave back through the left half. You now have your starting point row complete.

Work the entire underside in regular "3" herringbone. Having a long flat skewer to pre-pick the under-over is helpful.

* RT-- Reverse of herringbone pattern begins

** DC Diamond counts are all woven UNDER

NOTE: Center diamonds are 13 strands (warps) wide. Outer diamonds are 15 strands (warps) wide.

Repeat from Step 2 as needed.

This pattern is best done on a rectangular frame. Should you do it on a shaped frame needing filler warps, be aware that there is a centered 5,3,1 forming vertically when you wove horizontally.

Helen B. Cribbs

Multi diamond in progress---!!

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