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Caned Chair Seats Completed 10/18/07

This group of 2 strand seat chairs, 1 strand child's rocker & Hitchcock chair were for one customer via (Tom) Van Leeuwen Upholstery & Furniture Repair, Dayton, Ohio 937-293-1212.

For interested weavers:

I rewove the Hitchcock in "real rush" which is 5/32" & it took 2 coils to do this size seat. ( Sample coil shown is approx. 1 lb. ) I was able to weave the first coil in one continuous strand, until the center hole was too small & then began weaving with long cut pieces, making about 4 tie offs altogether plus the one final tacked end. Dan, Tom's associate, will nail the wooden side pieces again, properly, & peg the front rail screw holes, I had to release in order to weave this style seat. It's then up to the customer if he wants the real rush sprayed with lacquer or poly for longer wear.

Note Jake D's ( Dayton area business reporter) scabbard in the background. Jake refinished the paint & added metal trim. I wove 3 sets of a Jim Widess pattern ( The Complete Guide to Chair Caning) at the neck for him. We met up at Tom's when I delivered back, these 4 projects & he was able to get professional advice on what to use to protect the woven cane from movement & wear.

chair caned seats
diamond pattern- Eugene Brandt

This rocking chair was woven by Eugene Brandt,

Chandler, AZ. July 2007. It was his first attempt weaving the diamond pattern. For the two toned look his customer requested, Gene hand stained each strip before weaving into pattern. He also studied the enlarged photos I was able to send him, and being a perfectionist with much determination, had it completed in a few short weeks.

Eugene Brandt chair cane weaver

After weaving front & back diamond at the same time, Gene was on a roll!!

We have been E- Mail, weaving friends for about a year, when he decided to learn the art of caning.

(Gene also strand canes & does pressed inserts for customers.)

Many shared photos & phone calls with list of questions. I am sooo!!! proud to share this new talent on my website.


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